#TheGame23 - Enter the Infinite Rabbit Hole

What is #TheGame23?

"It is what it isn't though that isn't what it is and like I've always said I think that it's exactly what you think it is. If you believe it is whatever someone else told you it is then you're doing it all wrong because you're the only one who could possibly know what it is." - zed satelite nccDD 23 ksc

Project 00AG9603 - #TheGame23 mod 42.5 level 5

"00A G9603 develops as a self-organizing organism, connects with the virtual environment through its hosts (admins) by arranging the surroundings randomly for its own autonomous purpose" - Timóteo Pinto, pataphysician post-thinker

"00A G9603 se desenvolve como um organismo auto-organizativo, conecta-se com o ambiente virtual através de seus hospedeiros (admins) organizando os arredores randomicamente para seu próprio fim autônomo" - Timóteo Pinto, pós-pensador patafísico

sábado, agosto 31, 2019

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