In this game "there are no rules, unless you want to create them!"
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#thegame23 mod 42.5

META-Instructions by
adacic1033 interactive book

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#TheGame23 - The Meta Game

News from Wonderland - Updates from the game

Orostachys Paradoxa Fnords

Cryptosophy 'Pataphysics on Twitter

Lucretia Dalencourt`s Wiki of Confusion type 00AG9603



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TheGame23 App on Play Store

#TheGame23 mod 42.5 App on Play Store

The Game of Life - Timothy Leary with Robert Anton Wilson

-- KSTXI Intergalactic Discordian Groucho Marxist Anarcho-Zen Party

#TheGame23 is a Dangerous Cult

Conspiracy Recruitment
The Omniquery Initiative — How To Save The Universe — an incomplete tutorial

The Fatum Project
 Escaping the Matrix On All Levels

Project 00AG9603 - #thegame23 mod 42.5 level 5

How to become a meme god - by Brian Vereschagin

Creating meta-narratives as a hypersigil within a larger ARG scenario, for personal and societal transformation - by ARGO - Alternate Reality Game Organization

- Triple Meta: Metaconsciousness, Metamind, Metanarrative

- Metagame: A Proposal for Collaborative Construction of a Sacred Science


- Map The Unexpected

- Play with the Manipulation of Living Symbols

- Cannibalize every reference

Finite and Infinite Games - by James Carse

Project 89

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